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Our Team

Our Team

ہماری ٹیم

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Chief Advisor


Professor in the Centre of Indian Languages, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He has 25 years of teaching experience and internationally known for his contribution towards Urdu language and Literature. An author of 24 books that are extensively read by Urdu enthusiasts, his books have also been prescribed in the syllabus of various universities. He is the recipient of numerous National and International awards of great significance, that have been presented to him in Denmark, Japan, Germany, Turkey and various other reputed organisations of India. Prof. Khwaja has served National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language Ministry of HRD Govt. of India, as director for three years. As a Director of National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL), he introduced many new schemes and events.
He has devoted his life to make Urdu compatible with modern technology in order to preserve and promote Urdu through modern technological means.
He has travelled to those corners of the world where great Urdu colonies reside and brought the Urdu diaspora closer to the Urdu society through his writings and personal visits. He is the member of various learned bodies in India and abroad.
Since the last two decades, Prof. Khwaja has been connecting the Urdu community through his website :
Prof. Khwaja is the Chairman of World Urdu Association (WUA), a non-governmental and autonomous literary organization. This organization has been established to make coordination and collaboration amongst Urdu lovers, institutions and organizations worldwide. The aim of this organization is to promote, and spread Urdu Language and Culture as far as possible. Similarly, Prof. Khwaja also moves forward with the same spirit in his life.

Technical Advisor


M Shadan

He is youngest member of this team very intelligent and professional.
He is familiar with different software and application
specially with e-learnig stuff.


Aamir Khan

He has expertiese in web and mobile application and core interest in digital platform.
Recently working on multiple LMS e-Learing
Having more than 10 years of experience

Urdu Experts

اردو کے ماہرین


نام : پروفیسر انور پاشا

چئیرپرسن ہندستانی زبانوں کا مرکز، جواہر لعل نہرو یونیورسٹی ، نئی دہلی

تعلیمی لیاقت : اردو زبان وادب میں ایم ۔اے ، ایم فل ، پی ایچ ڈی

تدریسی تجربہ : ۲۵ سال


۱۔ ہند و پاک میں اردو ناول

۲۔ ترقی پسند اردو ناول

۳۔ اردو ڈرامہ پر ایک دقیق نظر

۴۔ ادبی جہات

۵۔ ادبی تحریکات و رجحانات ( دو جلد)

۶۔ تانیثیت اور ادب

۷۔ دلت ادب : تصور اور تناظر

۸۔ زبان ، ادب اور سماج

متعدد مضامین کے مصنف


نام : ڈاکٹر محمد تو حیدخان

ہندستانی زبانوں کا مرکز، جواہر لعل نہرو یونیورسٹی ، نئی دہلی

تعلیمی لیاقت : اردو زبان وادب میں ایم ۔اے ، ایم فل ، پی ایچ ڈی

تجربہ : میڈیا کا عملی تجربہ ۲۰ سال


۱۔ مرزا رسوا کے ناولوں کے نسوانی کردار

( امراؤ جان ادا اور شریف زادہ کی روشنی میں )

۲۔ عصمت چغتائی : فکر و فن

۳۔ جہانِ ابلاغ

۴۔ زبان ، ادب اور سماج ( ترتیب)


Dr. Sami Ur Rahman

Language known: Urdu, Hindi, English

Academic qualification:

B. A (Urdu), M. A (Urdu),

M. Phil (Urdu), Ph. D (Urdu)

Teaching Experience: 7 Years

Having expertise in teaching Urdu to foreigners, he also has a good experience in the practicalities of mass communication. In addition, he is an author of 4 books that are related to language learning and media.


Dr. Mahwish Noor

Language known: Urdu, Hindi, English

Academic qualification:

B. A (Urdu), M. A (Urdu),

M. Phil (Urdu), Ph. D (Urdu)

Teaching Experience: 3 Years


(1) Dr Nighat Nasim ki Afsana Nigari(Mahjari Fiction Ke Hawale Se)

(2) 2019 Ki Tahqeeqi, Tanqeedi, Takhliqi Nigarishat: Tabsera Wa Tajziya

(3) Urdu, Arabi, Farsi Mein Razmiya Adab (Co Author)


Dr.Md Ruknuddin

He is a writer and journalist. He has MA, M Phil and PhD in Urdu and Advanced Diploma in Mass communication.

 He has experience of working with Electronic, digital and print media. He has authored many important books.

He is a popular columnist specialized on New Colonies of Urdu. He has a keen eye on Indian culture. Always strive for interfaith unity.)

Imteyaz Rumi

Dr. Imteyaz Rumi

Urdu, Hindi, English, Persian, Arabic
B.A. (Urdu), M.A (Urdu), M.Phil. (Urdu), Ph.D. (Urdu)
Advance Diploma in Urdu Mass-Media, Diploma in Modern Persian
Books & Articles
Aayaat (Poetry Collection)
Professor Halil Toker: Hayato Inteqad
Many Articles and Research Papers Published in different reputed Magazines and Journals.